Sunday, March 11, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church
The Westboro Baptist Church, also known as the most hated family in America, is an independent baptist church and is located in Topeka, Kansas. With around 40 members, the churches harmful and destructive views are not widespread and stay contained within the confines of a family and a few members that have chosen to enter into the church from outside the Phelps family.

This church gained wide media attention when the picketing of soldiers funerals and holding derogatory signs became more prominent. They have appeared on talk shows such as the Tyra Banks Show and even made it's way across the water the Jeremy Kyle Show, in which they were now allowed to enter the UK and had to make their appearence via a linked video camera.

The way in which their website shows their American Idenity is blurred in many ways. This website concentrates on one element of their belief system (that God hates gays and anyone that can live in a society where gays are out are called 'fag enablers'.) They do seem to concentrate, on this main website on soldiers and gays. Almost putting them together on one website. On here, they use excerpts from the bible in order to 'back up' their claims about how God feels about these two types of American. This church, however, has many different websites that they aim at many different parts of the world.

The fact that they say that God hates the world, America and Barack Obama shows that the Westboro Baptist Church pretty much rejects their American Identity. They do not celebrate their culture, their history or seem to do anything constructive within the community. All of which are quite strong American ethos'.

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