Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 99%, The 1% and Class Struggle

The 99%, The 1% and Class Struggle is an article that I had found on the website The article was written by Alejandro Reuss in September 2011.

In this article, he points out the main focus of the idea of the 99% and the 1% and the movement '#occupywallstreet' and what they are trying to achieve. Occupy Wallstreet are a movement against the unequal distribution of wealth in the United States and how the economy, although in crisis, favours capitilism and the few people that are on top.

The article highlights that the classlines are evidently clear and describes these class inequalities as a 'losing streak at the hands of employers'. In other words, the people 'on top' are in utter control and in order to create maximum profit, creates a class struggle.

The above picture is included in the article written by Reuss and demonstrates the unfair treatment of the '99%'. It shows that the workers are putting in more work than what they are paid for, which can obviously lead to a class struggle. This is because they are putting in way too many man-hours for what they are being paid and are ultimately wasting time. This can lead to problems such as child-care and makes it more difficult for people in the 'poor' class, or what is known as the 'working class', to have a properly functioning family life.

It was also said by Reuss that: "...workers’ share of total income has fallen, and capitalists’ share has increased." Meaning that the top 1% riches are furthered by this.

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