Thursday, March 29, 2012

America in Decline

The first issue addressed is the situation of Obama bowing to Hu Jintao on his visit to America. It appears he is succumbing to Chinese power over America. Reagan states that China is disrespecting America as Hu Jintao does not return the bow from Obama especially on American land. It appears many people feel that America shouldn’t welcome China onto American land due to a number of factors such as American debts, foreign policy and generally global power. The issue is what choice does America have not to welcome China when so much is owed to China through their borrowing and trade deficits especially if this is to continue. Global issues have also put a strain on the Chinese/ American relationship due to their actions pulling out of the UN decision on Syria. Reagan believes China have not paid the price for going against the United States. The issue of China constantly building their military force while America has to introduce cut backs also causes a rife in this relationship due to the fact that America feels threaten by another nation overtaking their control. It may also become an issue due to the fact that American and Chinese foreign policies greatly differ. For example China can begin to help countries such as Iran and Syria to build defence against the United States only adding to the problems of foreign issues such as terrorism.

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