Monday, April 2, 2012

The above is a link to an article posted February 2012, that provides an insight into the trade relationship between the US and China. The Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping urges a greater cooperation on trade and security issues between the US and China labeling this as "new type of relationship between major countries". These calls were made at a luncheon event that took place in Washington DC. As this was a diplomatic visit taking place in the US and not in neutral territory, the Chinese would be likely to say statements that are aimed at pleasing and appealing to an US audience due to the potential for the two large trading partners to fortify the world economy. Relations between the two sides have said to be ‘fraught with tension over trade and economic issues as well as diplomatic and military issues.’ However as Muhtar Kent, chief executive of Coca-Cola Co. and chairman of the US-China Business Council, a sponsor of the lunch suggests “the United States and China have a tremendous opportunity to build stronger economies and improve the lives of people around the world…There is perhaps no greater opportunity for two nations to develop a mutually beneficial relationship that can have such a profound impact on so many lives.” Which is of particular interest as Coca-Cola in itself is found on a global level ergo view these transactions to enhance their business, on purely selfish terms, in my opinion almost relating to the American use of ‘Soft power’ a brief definition being ‘the ability to get what you want through attraction rather than coercion or payments. It arises from the attractiveness of a country's culture, political ideals, and policies.’ Thus it seems the Americans either have the options of using these relations to their advantage, or to ignore an up and coming Global superpower.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Firefly: The Alliance

The television program Firefly is set 500 years in the future when only America and China survive and form one super- power called the alliance. The alliance fight the 'brown coats', those fighting for independence. They win and everything becomes regulated by this global super-power. As a result of this everyone can speak Chinese and English but these languages have merged. In Firefly characters fluently chop and change between the two languages.

Although the show does not explain why the alliance is based on American and Chinese power it is an American show and showing America as in decline or defeated by the Chinese super power would probably harm ratings. However I think the concept of America and China forming one super power is interesting and definitely couldn't be ruled out in the next 500 years.

US-China relations: What to expect after the elections. is an interview that I found with Yuri Tavrovsky, the Professor of international relations with the Friendship University in Moscow. In this, he is asked questions about US-China relations and what was to be expected after the forecoming elections. First of all, it is said that the positions between Obama and Jintao were to be quite different due to the fact that Jintao may not stay in office and that Obama has a fair shot of staying in office.

One point that I found fairly interesting was the fact that China is described as a very 'pro-american' country and that 350 million Chinese citizens are actually learning English and that the reasoning behind this is because of America, not England itself. This shows that China as a whole may be preparing to assimilate into an almost Americanised culture, which I found extremely interesting. This may also be because of trade and the fact that a lot of goods are imported to America via China as the labouring of the products are much cheaper and value.

However, despite the fact that China is making bilingual efforts in this way, it is said that America have appointed China as 'enemy number one' and a reasoning behind this may be because the American dollar is under threat by the Chinese yuan. This is in an obvious reference to the fact that the Chinese are becoming the economic superpower of the world and that this threatens America in such a way as their influence will be slightly dulled.

Also, it was said that in the G2 scheme, China does not want to join in a so-called coalition with America or Russia etc but to be a stand-alone country. This does not insinuate that the relations between China and the United States are becoming weak or starting to break down but that China is becoming so influential and powerful, that a coalition would not be needed, and in this case, desired.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

US-China relations could get worse
Here is a video i found that expresses the political conflict between the US and China. China has requested for Obama to not meet with the Dalai lama due to the liberation that China has over Tibet. China took over Tibet during the 1950s due to the cruelty of which the Dalai lama was inflicting on his people. People were mutilated and killed as punishment for crimes without Jury or trial, allegedly it got out of had. The video claims that it was less of a "shang gri la, and more like Hell on earth"recently Tibetan monks have been setting themselves alight in protest to the communist rule of china. With all this negative press in the news currently putting China in a bad light, China has requested that Obama doesn't meet with the Dalai lama
The news report tells us that US and China relations may drop if Obama meets with the Dalai Lama. the report tells the story as a political test of power by China to see if they have influence over the US . Obama is resisting against it and is going to see the Dalai Lama anyway like the presidents before him. This may decrease trade with China and inadvertibly effect the US economically.

America in Decline

The first issue addressed is the situation of Obama bowing to Hu Jintao on his visit to America. It appears he is succumbing to Chinese power over America. Reagan states that China is disrespecting America as Hu Jintao does not return the bow from Obama especially on American land. It appears many people feel that America shouldn’t welcome China onto American land due to a number of factors such as American debts, foreign policy and generally global power. The issue is what choice does America have not to welcome China when so much is owed to China through their borrowing and trade deficits especially if this is to continue. Global issues have also put a strain on the Chinese/ American relationship due to their actions pulling out of the UN decision on Syria. Reagan believes China have not paid the price for going against the United States. The issue of China constantly building their military force while America has to introduce cut backs also causes a rife in this relationship due to the fact that America feels threaten by another nation overtaking their control. It may also become an issue due to the fact that American and Chinese foreign policies greatly differ. For example China can begin to help countries such as Iran and Syria to build defence against the United States only adding to the problems of foreign issues such as terrorism.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digital Idenitity - Keyboard Warriors (Anon)

My interpretation of the phrase "Digital Identity" is the identity you choose to belong to, whilst in the digital world. In today's highly digital society, things like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, Blogger, Bebo and everything else are very common.
Every day, a huge number of us use a social networking site, and the best bit about it, is that we can choose what we want to broadcast - we can create our own personas online, because we can be who we want.
This obviously has its upsides and downsides.

Being Anon or Anonymous is a basic way of being online ergo has many pros and cons. For example People are a lot meaner when they know there are no consequences for their actions. Those who post anonymously are free to form malicious opinions, which can offend the writer of an article or another fellow commenter. The concept of being anonymous makes people more daring, and using websites such as ChatRoulette as an example, there is a familiar sight of men waving their genitalia at the camera, which most likely offends, but for some could be a positive aspect of anonymity if you are into that kind of thing…. However Anonymity also protects those who are in fear of persecution, which for me is something the internet provides freely. You are immune from physical attack and in most cases judicial power. This could mean that what you read online is the true nature of people away from social boundaries.

Many like to create personas to ‘troll’ other people, but offline are normal people. There are thoseof whom act the same offline and online, and those who create a scene and see posting on a forum as a game. Ultimately, the feeling of being anonymous gives users somewhat of a poetic licence to be outrageous, even if they are posting in a tight-knit community where people may know each other offline. I don’t think that being anonymous is a bad thing, as it is often hard to enforce any laws on the internet. As the internet is such a large place I think it will be hard to ever tame it, and I think that people will always want the right to be anonymous, not just online, but offline too. It promotes a freedom which we all have the right to and online groups such as Anonymous certainly prove this.