Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digital Identities

Digital identities online in America are extremely prevlent in their society. Identities are paved and created firstly, through the utilisation of social networks. Social networking on sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace among others allow people to assert their identity to people that they already know or who have 'friended'. This is done through uploading photographs, setting status' and 'liking' pages, all of which can be seen by all the people in your friends list.

These identities that can be paved are not always concrete and can be created by the user (i.e. the identity that they show might not always be exactly who they are). For example, one can ommit their sexual preference or their nationality which can transgress from the idea of the hyphenated American.

These identites paved by social networking can be furthered by the mobility allowed through smartphones, wifi and 3G internet connection. This allows users to be able to connect to the internet, and thus their social networks, via their smartphones.

These devices create a digital identity through the actual hardware itself. This is because of the value placed upon items such as the iPhone or Blackberry. By buying this hardware, an American is able to fit into a circle of people who own these products. For example, BBM for the blackberry or whatsapp (free SMS service for smartphones). Also, because of the price of these sorts of phones, it may also say something about ones social standing/ the American Dream. By default, due to the constitution and the declaration, Americans have quite a stark preoccupation with success and the ownership of flash, new and innovative technology would act as a 'signifier' that they have achieved middle class status.

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