Sunday, March 18, 2012

Class: the big divide

The website I have found is a page from the New York Times. A team of reporters spent a year investigating class and the page contains their results. They are expressed in bar graphs, pie charts and personal accounts. In the personal accounts they ask for the person's self described class. They go on to talk about the person's job and background. It is interesting in that it allows the people to define their class themselves. It also has a section called 'where do you fit in?' in which you choose your occupation, education, income and wealth and tells you which percentile each aspect is and overall. This means it can calculate the percentage of the population who earn the same as you or lower. There is a section on how class works which allows you to see the wealth distribution in certain professions. The final section is an opinion poll on how Americans see class and how they fit into the class system. This section asks questions such as 'how likely is it that you will ever become wealthy' and 'compared with their social class growing up people said their class was' this section again is interesting because it is based on opinion.

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