Thursday, March 15, 2012

Class System

The article looks at myths that surround social mobility in America. The idea that the American Dream no longer exist “If your daddy was rich, you’re gonna stay rich, and if your daddy was poor, you’re gonna stay poor” in reality the class you’re born into is the one you will remain with for the entirety for your life. The idea of hard work ensuring social mobility no longer exists. This is however difficult for many Americans to believe as the basis of American lifestyle and promise is that you can achieve anything you wish “the only limits are your own limits.” It is believed among many poverty stricken Americans that their poverty however is not permanent and that they will be saved by the American Dream especially once the economic downturn is over, although this opinion is becoming less apparent within these communities.

american eagle

The cynical views of the fate of many working class and lower class citizens is seen within this image symbolising America as a place of no hope and chance contradicting how America was seen up until late 20th century and early 21st century whereby poverty has increased. It is no longer a place for many in Europe to escape for freedom and prosperity. It also addresses that in many ways the issue of class struggle has overtaken the issues of race and discrimination in America. For example the struggles of African American communities they believe are no longer based on the issue of race but rather the economics issues that have. This image groups everyone together whatever race, gender or religion you are as they all are under the control of a “no chance” society.

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