Sunday, February 19, 2012

Southern UTE Indian Tribe

The Southern UTE Indian Tribe is located in South West Colorado and the reservation on which they reside stretches across three counties (La Plata, Archuleta and Montezuma). The tribes council headquarters are also situated in Ignacio, Colorado.

The Tribes' economic situation does not appear as bleak as other reservations and tribes in the United States, this is because they seem pretty self-sufficient and proud of the different things they have on the reservation that would bring money in, like the Sky UTE Casino and Resort and the Southern UTE Museum and Cultural Centre. There is also another affiliated website (see more website links on the right hand side of the homepage) that is called the Southern UTE Indian Tribe Growth Fund. The aim of this group is to aid and oversee the buisness and ventures within the tribe, meaning that overall, the buisness accumen of the tribe has meant that they have managed to pull themselves out of the conditions and financial turmoil that other tribes in the United States may face.

Some of the architecture within this reservation looks new and modernised. The fact that these buildings look professional and well-done indicates and lends an idea that the Southern UTE tribe are not poverty striken and that, economically, they are managing very well.

Despite the fact that this tribe can be considered an 'economic success' and that they have achieved some kind of American Dream, they still hold on to some of the very foundations and grass roots of their culture. In the culture section of the website, they have tabs that link the user to different events that they are holding, such as Bear Dances. In this section of the website, they offer the general public to be able to attend, showing that this tribe has pride in their culture.

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