Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hispanic America

The NCLR (National Council of La Raza) feel very strongly that the acts such as Obama’s DREAM act do not help the Hispanic communities of illegals stating “There is no safe way to turn yourself in…”. They appear to promote the idea however of the Hispanic community integrating themselves into American lifestyle and not restricting themselves to isolated areas and avoiding the American language and education. They help to run programmes to help immigrants learn English which I believe is necessary to such integration. They interestingly still believe that the “Americano Dream” is still achievable however it does follow the view of Huntington as the dream is only available to those who are willing to learn English. They understand that reforms are needed in the area of immigration but their views are a little questionable. For example they state that “illegals should come forward and learn English” however this firstly opposes what was earlier stated on their website, but also does not solve the issues are it is obvious that many people do not agree with them been given citizenship.

The AIC (Americans for Immigration Control) focuses on the idea of preventing all immigration and not necessary focussed on Hispanics however much of what is stated relates to the influx of Hispanic immigrants. The initial impression we get of the website shows their complete opposition to amnesty and legalising undocumented Hispanics. Their views are much more aggressive and seem to concentrate persuading government action rather than what is seen on NCLR trying to help within their own community. They have a blog which addresses the issues that come with the great number of Hispanic immigration stating that “Mass immigration negatively impacts on U.S. culture”. They have no issues with portraying Hispanics in a negative light which I feel is too much of a stereotype. The issue they address of federal government funds being spent on restoring Hispanic supremacist murals in “Chicano Park” instead of on repairing roads for example I feel is not a very strong argument as the final decision is probably established by those both Hispanics, White American as well as many other ethnicities. The issue is not with the Hispanic community themselves by with the government choices.

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