Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hispanic America

Pro- Latino Immigration-
The above shows a website that is undeniably, 100% pro-Latino immigration, laying claim to being ‘The number 1 Hispanic website in the United States. Google, Yahoo or MSN: Hispanic News.’ The website is controlled by the Hispanic community, therefore a prominent biased opinion is offered in Latino affairs. The website provides a large section purely for immigration and a surplus of reports sharing opinions on Latino immigration, through this it becomes clear the message that website is trying to portray. Believing that Latino immigration and integration into American society is expected due to the highly popular American belief of ‘the land of the free and opportunity,’ thus becoming a necessity to accept immigrants of different races and cultures, viewing Latino immigration as essential for American economy due the fact that Latino’s are willing to undertake jobs of which Americans do not want, for less than minimum wage – needed to keep the American economy stable. ‘Employers have already begun lying off immigrant workers, and this has had repercussions throughout their communities. Local restaurants and shops have closed down because there are not enough customers.’ The website highlights the benefits that the Latino community/ immigrants provide, what with cheap labour and are therefore an essential aspect of the American economy. Also declaring that Latino immigrants should not allow themselves to be taken advantage due to prejudices in working and social environments, stating ‘ they are grateful for the opportunities they have received from America, but their opportunities should not be lesser than those of White Americans. ‘
Project USA is an Anti - Latino Immigration website which uses religious statements as well as political in order to enforce its members' belief that Latino Immigration is wrong and should be stopped completely. Not only does it talk of immigration but of any and all other topics of conversation and current debates. They refer to such topics as having a "half-white 44th President", as well as discussing, "The White Minority." It is an obviously racist site, with underlying tones suggesting it’s audiences to stay ‘pure’ and ‘true,’ that the white American is divinely entitled to more in life ergo making them better than those ‘who happens to be’ currently residing in America.

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