Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pro and Anti Hispanic/ Latino Immigration
This website is supportive of Latino immigration and fights for the rights of Latinos through the legal system and through laws and bills. They working within Chicago, Michigan. They believe that policy has a direct affect on immigrants coming into the United States and they aim to change or alter policies that may have a detrimental effect on their quality of life and assimilation into American life. They also aim to use community and education engagement to improve the life of Latino immigrants in the United States.

The website has a Twitter section, indicating that this organisation utilises social networking as a way of education the community and reaching out to Latinos and Hispanic immigrants and citizens. The most recent 'tweet' I could find by the Organisation was: "Chicago is still the most segregated big city in the US, but we're also the most improved city, in terms of segregation." This lends an idea to the driving force behind the organisations advocacy and the reasons why they fight for Latino rights. This reason being segregation.

This organisation has two main programmes (or what they refer to as 'Access to Justice') that it offers Latino immigrants. The first being VAWA. Which is an acronym for Violence Against Women act. This aims to provide women who have been a victim of domestic violence, to be able to get citizen status in the States to be able to live a life free of violence and fear. The second programme is for the Family services. This means that people who have immigrated over to the United States can bring their family over with them, so they can be 'reunited'.
Even though the site that I have chosen about Immigration is not souly dedicated to Immigration control in terms Latinos but they make references to people of the ethnic group. Such as: "◦AIC, founded in 1983, is about stopping the millions of illegal aliens who sneak across our border from Mexico every year." Even though they make references to trying to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border, they also want to sharply reduce the amount of immigrants that come to the United States legally, so the already existing numbers and people that come over can be 'readily assimilated'.

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