Thursday, January 19, 2012


American Arab Discrimination Committee

It appears to be very important on this website for Arabs not to lose their own identity and to live the total American lifestyle. Their very strict lifestyle makes it even more important for them to be aware of their religion despite being surrounded by the beliefs and choices of the American people. It states that its aim is to educate those within America of the Arab ways and their beliefs, this then help people to understand what they really stand for. I think this is an important group especially due to the stereotypes created by the events of 9/11. They reiterate throughout their sites the importance of people remembering that American Arabs have become secondary victims of 9/11 due to the threats and hatred. I think this is difficult for people to remember and should be more widely recognised. Their actions include hosting conventions among many other events. It is also a site where you are able to join their group through their website however for a fee which for me questions the intentions of the website.

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