Sunday, January 29, 2012

Immigration: The Melting Pot

This video provides the common issues associated with the immigrants seeking the dream in American in the early 1900s. To me this provides proves that this subject in still commonly taught in the American school system and still regarded as essential to the history and progression of America as a country to make it what it is today. The specific subject addressed here of the Scottish immigrants and their impact on America. The use of fictional interview to me demonstrates that American children are taught to appreciate American history as well as their own heritage. The inclusion of the achievements of example of Scottish people in America I believe helps to ensure that people are aware of the positive aspects of immigration at a time when many are very much anti immigration. It also includes the information of the state of what Scottish immigrants were faced with when arriving in America which again I believe is important to help young Americans to understand and appreciate their lifestyles today. However it does relate in many ways to the impression of immigration today including the discrimination of many nationalities, providing this though from an 19th century immigrant I believe helps in some ways to destroy their prejudices.

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  1. A good video, but what's the source? Which school? Where? When? What age kids? What does all that tell you? You're only telling half or less of the story