Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese immigration lesson plan

Here is a lesson plan I found on pro It talks in depth about the efforts US citizens went to, to remove Chinese immigrants and prevent them. The facts listed remain fairly neutral and not self deprecating to white Americans, the most emotive language used in the lesson plan is the most devastating of all anti-Chinese legislation" when referring to the Chinese immigration ban that only ended in 1943. It still uses words that don't overtly point out that what America did was wrong. When referring to an example of an uprising group against Chinese an Irish immigrant living in America is used to explain, that the Chinese were used as a scape goat, as Irish immigrants were also under scrutiny at the time. showing that the Chinese were picked on solely because of their characteristic differences, as white Irish immigrants looked similar to white Americans.

Irish used Chinese as a scapegoat
White americans are talked about badly in the study. In one instance the talk of taxes being higher for Chinese immigrants and then getting banned because its un constitutional is said. But then the way in which a Judge bans Chinese immigrants from testifying because it resulted with a white man being jailed isn't drawn attention to throughout the lesson plan the word racist isnt used once. this may be because it could cause a non productive argument, or provoke thoughts between classmates, as American classrooms are likely to be multi cultural.

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  1. What age group is it for? What might that tell us?