Sunday, April 1, 2012

US-China relations: What to expect after the elections. is an interview that I found with Yuri Tavrovsky, the Professor of international relations with the Friendship University in Moscow. In this, he is asked questions about US-China relations and what was to be expected after the forecoming elections. First of all, it is said that the positions between Obama and Jintao were to be quite different due to the fact that Jintao may not stay in office and that Obama has a fair shot of staying in office.

One point that I found fairly interesting was the fact that China is described as a very 'pro-american' country and that 350 million Chinese citizens are actually learning English and that the reasoning behind this is because of America, not England itself. This shows that China as a whole may be preparing to assimilate into an almost Americanised culture, which I found extremely interesting. This may also be because of trade and the fact that a lot of goods are imported to America via China as the labouring of the products are much cheaper and value.

However, despite the fact that China is making bilingual efforts in this way, it is said that America have appointed China as 'enemy number one' and a reasoning behind this may be because the American dollar is under threat by the Chinese yuan. This is in an obvious reference to the fact that the Chinese are becoming the economic superpower of the world and that this threatens America in such a way as their influence will be slightly dulled.

Also, it was said that in the G2 scheme, China does not want to join in a so-called coalition with America or Russia etc but to be a stand-alone country. This does not insinuate that the relations between China and the United States are becoming weak or starting to break down but that China is becoming so influential and powerful, that a coalition would not be needed, and in this case, desired.

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